Mustang Sally's will OPEN
SPRING OF 2019!!!!

Lets give Mike Kalass a huge welcome & thank you for taking on his next adventure!​

Stay posted for actual opening date.
General schedule will stay as before:
Wednesdays: 3 pm-dusk
Sundays: 12 pm-dusk

Make sure to like Mustang Sally's Park Facebook page for up to date details and current track conditions.

All MX Track questions should now be addressed to Mike Kalass.
Cell: 574-215-7222​

Attention: For riders under 18 years age, that are not coming with their parents and/or legal guardians, or coming with your friend’s parents to ride. You must bring a notarized consent form!!!! Even if you bring one from home, it still needs to be notarized for the day of practice for insurance purposes. 

 What do you need? 

*Sorry no bikes / gear for rental*

1.      Everyone is required to conduct         themselves in a fair, professional &         courteous manner. 

2.      Drive SLOWLY by main house

3.      No riding after dark. 

4.      No riding while under the influence         of drugs or alcohol. 

5.      Ride slow in the pit areas. 

6.      No spectators on the track. 

7.      No riding is allowed on Work Days         until the work   is done.

8.      No glass bottles anywhere. 

9.       Recycle as needed

10.    Do not inhibit other riders while on          the racetrack.

11.    Please observe these rules and                enjoy our  organization.

*Outhouses are available at various locations throughout the grounds.

*Running  water is available

*Electrical service is not available